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Investment Strategies

WCP is a global real estate asset manager.  Since 2004, the group has managed several international real estate products with targeted investments in Asia, Europe, and Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.

The real estate products target a diverse array of potential investments, varying in their investment strategies and geographic allocations in an effort to capture an effective risk/return profile.  Strategies include investing in high quality, income oriented, value added assets in a range of properties, including office, warehouse, retail and residential, as well as ground-up development projects in both developed and emerging markets.  Our experienced team, in conjunction with our local partners, has managed or co-managed complex co-investments and direct investments in property funds and underlying properties as well as mezzanine financing deals.

WCP offers conventional products globally as well as Islamic products to specified target markets such as the Middle East and major Islamic communities around the world.

Growth Plan

  • Continue building relationships with originator and other partners who specialize in different asset classes to expand into additional asset classes
  • Build a NY based real estate team to increase deal underwriting capability in the US
  • Supplement the existing European team to increase deal oversight