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Structured Finance

WCP and its affiliates were pioneers in Islamic structured products when it began offering innovative Shari’ah compliant leasing products to its clients over 11 years ago.  WCP continues to be a leader today through strong partnerships with notable international institutional investors, and established US lease originators.

Investment Strategies

WCP has structured, implemented and managed many leasing programs, based principally on 2 strategies:

  1. Ijara leasing strategy: seeks to provide investors with reliable and attractive monthly returns by investing selectively in leasing transactions.  A portfolio is typically comprised of high quality lessees, with a particular focus on Fortune 1000 companies and companies that are deemed by WCP to be of high credit quality.
  2. Structured leasing strategy: seeks to provide investors with attractive and reliable returns by investing in equipment leasing transactions primarily with US growth companies.  Lessees may include venture funded and other emerging companies.  The portfolios seek to enhance lessee credit through structured transactions that may include attributes such as advance rentals, third party guarantees, manufacturer support, and other credit enhancements.  The strategy also seeks to invest in equipment with predictable residual values, large secondary markets, or other attractive remarketing factors.

Both types of leasing strategies are designed to offer investors attractive annual yields (typically paid monthly) well above like term Treasuries.  Since inception and including the current recession, WCP’s leasing products are continuing to meet targets.

In the past, WCP separated fund offerings into either an Ijara or a structured strategy but over time, WCP funds have evolved into a hybrid of both strategies and have served investors well.


  • Since 1999, WCP has established many leasing products with invested equity exceeding $3.5 billion
  • Leasing products have paid their target current monthly yield on schedule and have achieved their target returns

Growth Plan

  • Continue building relationships with originator partners who specialize in different asset classes to expand into additional asset classes
  • Continue expansion outside the US with a particular focus on Asia and Europe
  • Invest opportunistically in segments with sparse liquidity including larger transactions where traditional banks have diminished capacity to provide financing