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Wafra Capital Partners Inc. (“WCP”), previously the Structured Finance and Business Product and Development Divisions of Wafra Investment Advisory Group, Inc. (“WIAG”), commenced operations on January 1, 2012 as a separate operating entity and U.S. registered investment adviser.  WCP offers a variety of investment products designed to achieve advantageous financial treatment and enhanced investment yields on a risk/return basis.  WCP specializes in structuring Shari’ah-compliant leasing and real estate products and works with its distinguished Shari’ah Board to assure compliance.

WCP is a world leader in structuring and managing Islamic funds in various jurisdictions around the world.  WCP manages or advises funds and accounts, many of which operate on a Shari’ah compliant basis in leasing, real estate, private equity, publicly traded stocks and Murabaha.  WCP is an affiliate of WIAG.  Founded in 1985, WIAG is a New York-based registered investment adviser, which is beneficially owned by the Public Institution for Social Security of Kuwait (“PIFSS”), an autonomous agency controlled by the State of Kuwait.

Together WCP, WIAG and their affiliates have over $20^ billion of commitments and assets under management in both Shari’ah compliant and conventional disciplines.  WCP is comprised of the former employees in WIAG’s Structured Finance and Business & Product Development Divisions.


^WCP and its affiliates’ estimated assets and commitments under management generally valued as of March 31, 2017. Valuations of assets are estimated. All assets are not necessarily valued as of the same date and current values may differ.